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A reading with me consists of many different elements all dependent upon the client's needs. I can read about any situation that they are facing within their life currently and how best to navigate that for the best outcome and the smoothest possible course. I can read about things which will occur in the future and from that on how to be able to handle this on both an emotional and practical level giving hope and knowledge that improvements are coming. I can also give mediumship readings where I will connect to spirit and give messages to the client regarding loved ones who have passed over.

When booking a reading with me, once payment has been received I will email with a time for the reading to be carried out - this is usually on google meet and the link will be emailed for this. When booking the reading please include what it is you want a reading on, whether this be mediumship tarot or runes.

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Tarot readings I use to show insight and detail into any life situation that is being dealt with currently or will be coming up in a person's life and then empower with details on how to improve the situation or give hope on changes that are occurring and the positive effect from this. 



Rune readings I use for predictions of events and to advise the best possible times to be taking on new ventures as well as a run down of how things will go in specific weeks and months should you choose to proceed with your plans.

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Mediumship, I use a range of divination tools as well as my clairs to connect with passed over loved ones or bring messages forth about them from my guides. It is not always possible to connect with a specific spirit however I can always get details of the passed over person in question.

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I teach with the World Divination Association 

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