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Access the AKASHIC RECORDS now! The power and knowledge of your past lives and karmic repercussions therefrom open to you in one read! Find out how to best navigate your current life with the knowledge of what the Akashic records hold for you. In this 45 min session we will determine karma that has been passed through lives and help you set forth on your path for your best possible outcome in this incarnation. Akashic record reads are an in depth analysis of any blockages you may feel in this life and how you can get out of any cycles that bind you.


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A reading with me consists of many different elements all dependent upon the client's needs. I can read about any situation that they are facing within their life currently and how best to navigate that for the best outcome and the smoothest possible course. I can read about things which will occur in the future and from that on how to be able to handle this on both an emotional and practical level giving hope and knowledge that improvements are coming. I can also give mediumship readings where I will connect to spirit and give messages to the client regarding loved ones who have passed over.

When booking a reading with me, once payment has been received I will email with a time for the reading to be carried out - this is usually on google meet and the link will be emailed for this. When booking the reading please include what it is you want a reading on, whether this be mediumship tarot or runes.

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Tarot readings I use to show insight and detail into any life situation that is being dealt with currently or will be coming up in a person's life and then empower with details on how to improve the situation or give hope on changes that are occurring and the positive effect from this. 

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Sigils are something that I create which harness energy and have their own magic within them. I can use them for a whole range of different things from success, protection, happiness, weight loss, determination and they can manifest change in a whole manner of ways. When you place an order for a sigil you can choose one that is generic and made for whoever owns it or you can order one that is tailor made for the individual. My preference in this instance would be to have a consultation where we would converse about anything that you feel you need one for in life, i would then conduct a reading regarding this and how best you can also help yourself in the situation alongside the sigil and then i will create the sigil from our consultation and the read and post it to you. All sigils are made into keyrings for every person who buys one whether it be generic or tailor made.



Rune readings I use for predictions of events and to advise the best possible times to be taking on new ventures as well as a run down of how things will go in specific weeks and months should you choose to proceed with your plans.




During my consultations we spend time delving into the situation at hand using a combination of divination tools and mediumship. Whether you are seeking advice on your spiritual path or simply looking to enhance your daily life or a specific situation, we can find the best way to move forward and then create an energetic switch in the form of a sigil to enable you to harness the power of the universe in any event. You can choose between a 90 min consultation or 45 mins. In both, the sigil will also be discussed and tailor-made to your situation. No two sigils are alike and energetic paths are created that swiftly change any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem. We spend time on you, your obstacles and your energies to manifest the best possible outcome for you.

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Mediumship, I use a range of divination tools as well as my clairs to connect with passed over loved ones or bring messages forth about them from my guides. It is not always possible to connect with a specific spirit however I can always get details of the passed over person in question.

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I teach with the World Divination Association a number of different systems. My workshops are held via Google Meet in small groups to facilitate the learning process. All my upcoming workshops can be seen in the link below. I am also available for personal one-on-one training in Runes, Tarot, Mediumship, Sigils and more! Simply click on the link below to purchase tutoring in your favourite system and we will set up a time for your one-on-one session. In addition, my Mediumship course is available as home study on the WDA platform. Should you have any specific questions on my tutoring or mentorship, please email me at



Are you interested in learning the Runes, or have you bought Runes and just cannot gel with the system? I am offering personal, one on one, tutoring via video call to walk through the system at your own pace! You will gain clarity on your blockages and learn intuitively how to read your own set of runes. During the one on one we will assess where you are in your learning, what your pitfalls are and I will teach you how to start reading with your set in the first 45 mins session! No more confusion with this symbolic system, learn how to apply to every day life and predictions - you won't look at your runes set the same ever again! I will share my passion with you so that you can go on your runes journey with confidence and excitement!

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